I think everyone may know what term life insurance is but now it appears to be expanded to health insurance.   If you visit the site you can see all types of other imagebenefits rolled in here to include life insurance as well at Humana One. 

Lucky consumers we are here to get yet one more financial tool with the policy.  I have written about this before with other offerings in this area like Quicken Health, no problem with the software, but are people going to use it?  That’s the problem as most consumers don’t understand it and yet every week there’s more offerings of this type.  Here’s a couple other examples:

UnitedHealthcare To Offer Quicken Health Expense Tracker to 700,000 Employer Health Plan Enrollees
Cigna to Offer Quicken Health Expense Tracker, United HealthCare in Beta – Easily Identify Balance Billings?

How many workers on Wall Street use these tools for their own health, I’d like to know, but chances are they don’t have time or don’t need something like this with their current pay structure, but over structured and complicated tools are yet passed down to those who don’t understand them, created with complicated business intelligence algorithms, and sometimes you get customer service reps that try to explain matters to you and they don’t completely understand and have to call you back!   Here’s a short excerpt from the site:image

“As a new member, you’ll receive:

  • A Health Plan Guide with easy to understand information to help you make the most of your health insurance benefits
  • Access to MyHumana, a secure Website with online financial tools for managing medical costs and tracking claims status
  • Online transparency tools including Compare Hospitals, the Cost Estimator, and the Physician Profile to help weigh your options and make confident decisions.**
    *All applications are subject to approval.
    **Not available in all areas.”

One more item to mention is that people are not getting enough exercise, well trying to learn and interpret the complicated algorithms today so one can get some healthcare might be a big contributor here.  Anyway, here’s one more complicated alternative to look at, and tons of resources of information the average person doesn’t have time to absorb and much of it way over their head with algorithmic formulas gone wild.  Even many highly educated individuals I speak with have problems understanding all of this mumbo jumbo.  We have indeed created a system that is too far gone for the average person to understand and work with, all that’s needed is healthcare and not analytical judgments on where, how and if you get it.  Let’s not forget the doctors involvement too in all of this as they have to determine eligibility and what is covered too before they offer care, the back office administrative mess that exists at a practice near you.  BD  

To fill the need of those looking for short term health insurance in these tough times, Humana One has extended its short term health insurance to five more states.  These states include Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Georgia, and Kansas.  With these 5 new states Humana One now offers short term health insurance to 20 states total according to their website.

This is great news for many consumers in these states as the need for short term health insurance is increasing with the unemployment rate.  The design of the program varies from state to state, but they are quality benefits throughout.

Humana One Expands Short Term Health Insurance to 5 More States


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