In healthcare insurance we all certainly know what this is all about and the fact that it came to head the way it has had a lot to do with attitudes and running algorithmic codes with automation and leaving out this one little element called “communication”, not data, human.  We still need this.image

Now it looks as though the TV networks are looking at doing the same thing due to loss in advertising and other areas.  We can only cherry pick so far at times until we reach the point where’s nothing at the top to pick from any longer.  Just as clinical staff does, according to this article we will now have multi taking news people too.  NBC was wise by comparison when it began it’s MSNBC station, on cable and on the internet.  So will be start to see some real mergers here such as working with CNN?  

Technology is touching every industry in one form or another.  I had some correspondence the other day from an individual from the Philippines who worked for an “American owned” company asking me to see if I could work with them to find opportunities here in the US with companies to use an outsourced “virtual assistant”.  Sure we see a lot of that but you know what the going rate was?  It was under $6.00 an hour!  The contracted assistant of course would not make that as the company would need their portion of the fee, and remember too, this company said they were American based and had around 500 employees already.  I decided to throw this out there to make a point here on what is happening with the employment markets. 

We are not only shrinking payroll, but also compensation at rocket speeds, every where except on Wall Street.  If this is the business model of today and it is extending past healthcare now, we need to all stop and globally take a look at what we have created here and what we support.  We may have mistakenly deregulated a little too far and if there’s not a profit to be made, the business eventually goes away.  BD 

ABC News is making no secret about what is behind the sweeping staff cuts it now faces: raw survival instinct.  ABC employees were reviewing buyout packages last weekend. Eligible staff members have until March 26 to decide whether to leave. If ABC cannot meet its goal, layoffs will follow.

Mr. Westin said high-priced and purely cosmetic talent would become an increasingly endangered species. “There have been people in television news — very successful people — who do not write,” he said. “We are going to definitely require more of our journalists.”

So far, Web revenue is a rather small part of the broadcast networks’ bottom lines, although Mr. Westin said ABC’s digital income was “up substantially.”

News Units at ABC and CBS Try to Navigate Uncertain Times -


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