This is a great talk from David Cameron about money and politics and the changes in paradigms we need to make to survive and discusses how old political values areimage dead.  Power to the People is part of the big them.  It’s all about the information evolution and healthcare is very much a part of it.  

Transparency and accountability are discussed and how information is no longer behind locked doors, it’s all on the web.  Understanding of people is also discussed, why people behave the way they do.  It’s funny when he opens his talk about rats and politicians, we need to work on politicians as there are some things rats won’t do and there’s not shortage of politicians. 

Do we have an information revolution going on in healthcare, you bet.  He says a lot of what I think I say here too, we need balance and right now we don’t have it and need to work at that as the big controlling Czars that existed years ago no longer run the world.  BD 

David Cameron: The next age of government | Video on


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