This is something I thought was worth a mention as many may not even know this opportunity exists.  If your care needed is beyond perhaps what local healthcare facilities may be able to give and there are other hospitals outside your general travel area, you may just be in luck with a way to get there.  These are not always on imagebig commercial airlines, but rather many individuals who have private aircraft that also donate the time and trip expenses. 

There are a few basics that need to be met and here they are below.  The website offers additional information on how to qualify and also on how to volunteer if you have a plane or other aircraft that you could volunteer.  As you see below they are also connected with “Earth Angels” who volunteer the ground expertise to get you to and from the location, if available.  The air travel is the big expense here though.  Here’s the basics from the website below.  You can also donate money to the charity as well.  BD   

    1. Have financial need for assistance 

    2. Be able to fly in a non-pressurized small aircraft

    3. Be ambulatory and sit upright in a standard aircraft seat

    4. Be responsible for their own medications

    5. Not have a communicable disease

    6. Provide Department of Transportation (DOT) approved supplemental oxygen and medical assistance (if required)

    7. Provide own transportation to and from airport if ground transportation volunteers (Earth Angels) are unavailable

    Be it a child requiring access to medical treatment in another area of the country or an adult requiring travel due to a family crisis, Angel Flight Central attempts to match each special need with a volunteer pilot who can help. A call to our toll free voice mail system, or an e-mail through this site will alert our Volunteer Mission Screeners of a need for free air transportation service. The screener will return the message and gather all necessary qualifying information.

    Angel Flight Central: Passengers: Qualifying for an Angel Flight


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