This looks like it can be a fun show and entertaining.   Last year I had time to speak with Dr. Erika and we talked about Bioidentical hormones.  I learned quite a bit


from the interview and agree with her demand to get some numbers on FDA approved bioidentical HRT and Premarin.  This video below is a clip from the Good Day Show talking about the program.  

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy– Interview with Dr. Erika Schwartz

There are several FDA-approved drugs that are bio identical to include Estrace, Evamist, Vagifem, Estraderm, and Climara for estrogen and Prochieve, Prometrium, and Crinone for progesterone.  After my talk with Dr. Erika I want to know how these stack up to Premarin, give us some numbers to compare as I have used the “FDA APPROVED BIOIDENTICAL” patches for HRT. 

FDA Approved Bio Identical HRT Versus Premarin and Cancer – Where’s the Numbers FDA and Pharma?

When many today seem to think of bio-identical hormones, we automatically believe that they are only drugs compounded by the pharmacy, and that is simply not true. Bioidenticals are synthesized hormones that mimic those produced in women's ovaries, more natural than those produced from horses.

Wyeth Used Ghostwriters - Video of the Premarin Horses

Dr. Erika and I talked some serious issues but this video presentation (trailer here) looks like it could be fun taking a look at the amorous side of what a correct adaptation of hormones can mean.  BD


Dr. Erika has an upcoming special "Sextistics: Your Love Life" which will air on TLC Sunday February 14th Valentines Day.

Dr. Erika | Bioidentical Hormone Expert: 'Sextistics' with Dr. Erika Schwartz


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