In case you need a little refreshing from the past, this company was formerly named VeriChip, the implanted chip people.  You can see from a fairly recent post below that their “implanted imagechip” now talks with Google Health and HealthVault.  The iGlucose system has it owns PHR and will be able to work via alarms and messages as they relate to real time glucose readings.  The 2 press releases from today are below. 
VeriChip Implant Links To Your PHR Health Records, Credit History, Social Security With PositiveID
Now I am guessing this is going to be relayed via cell phone over the web and perhaps even to a PC, but there’s not a lot of information out yet.  I don’t think it would be doing all of this via the chip as it could “really get under your skin” if it got in motion and started messaging you.  What I am guessing here is that the readings would go to their PHR, and then connect to Google Health and HealthVault if it was being used in connection with the implanted chip, as it connects to Google Health and HealthVault.  So from blood, to PHR, to other PHR to chip is what I am guessing is the data patch for the patient so it gets stored, and the route to the caretaker or MD would be over the internet so everyone has the glucose readings. 
A Chip Off the Old Medical Record Getting Closer to Reality for Many Insured in Florida – PositiveID Alliance with Innovations Avocare

What is also interesting is the Secure ID portion of the business, so if you are a victim of identity theft and need help, they seem to have a spot in this market. 
“The ID Security business of PositiveID is dedicated to protecting consumers’ identities and preventing identity theft. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, identity theft is the number one crime in America, and it can affect anyone at any time. Identity theft can occur from computer fraud through “phishing,” which accounts for 12% of cases; stolen or lost wallets or other personal items, which accounts for 29% of thefts; individuals stealing records from businesses, which accounts for 50%; and mail theft, representing the remaining 9% of all identity thefts.  The company's suite of products and services allows consumers to manage and monitor their personal financial data to proactively protect themselves from theft and errors. For more information, please visit”
The new business partner FIS offers offers consumer healthcare payment solutions for patients, providers, plan administrators and financial institutions so there’s where the insurance and perhaps payer information comes in to populate the PHR.  Everything is about having a money tag attached today. 
Anyway, I guess we will see more as this develops and to me it’s a very interesting combination of a couple technologies.  BD
DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Feb 25, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- PositiveID Corporation ("PositiveID" or the "Company")  announced today that its new generation Health Link personal health record (PHR) is designed to be the first PHR to provide real-time blood sugar readings for diabetics, and their caregivers/physicians. The Company intends to integrate its Health Link PHR with its iGlucose system, which uses wireless SMS messaging to automatically communicate a diabetic's glucose levels in real-time.

As the Company expands the capabilities and interoperability of Health Link, it intends to integrate the existing iGlucose online database and data center into the Health Link PHR, which will be interoperable with Microsoft HealthVault and Google Health. The iGlucose system, consisting of a compact data logger and wireless transmitter, currently collects, records and transmits a patient's glucose readings from a data-capable glucose meter to the iGlucose online database.
The integration of iGlucose and the Health Link PHR, will give diabetics the ability to manage their disease unlike ever before. Diabetic patients, parents, physicians and other caregivers will be able to configure Health Link to set specific alerts and alarms related to real-time glucose readings. These alarms could alert the diabetic, parent, caregiver or physician to a high or low glucose reading and allow for real-time management and any necessary action to prevent a potential emergency medical situation. 
Scott R. Silverman, Chairman and CEO of PositiveID, said, "As we look to increase the power and features of our first-of-a-kind PHR, Health Link, through the integration of our new iGlucose product, we believe we will be able to help diabetic patients more effectively manage their disease through real-time communication of glucose readings, which can be shared with physicians, caregivers and others. This unique feature will continue to differentiate Health Link from other personal health records in the marketplace as more patients go online to manage their health information."
About PositiveID Corporation
PositiveID Corporation develops and markets healthcare and information management products through its RFID-based diagnostic devices and identification technologies, and its proprietary disease management tools. PositiveID operates in two main divisions: HealthID and ID Security. For more information on PositiveID, please visit

PositiveID Corporation's New Generation Health Link Personal Health Record Designed to be First PHR to Communicate Seamless Real-Time Blood Sugar Readings for Diabetics and Their Caregivers/Physicians - MarketWatch

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Feb 24, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- PositiveID Corporation ("PositiveID" or the "Company") announced today that it has entered into a partnership with FIS(TM) , one of the world's largest providers of banking and payments technology, to launch the Company's next generation Health imageLink personal health record ("Health Link"). The new Health Link, which is now live, will be interoperable with Microsoft HealthVault and Google Health, as well as numerous electronic medical records systems in use throughout the country.

To launch the next generation of Health Link, PositiveID partnered with FIS and their HealthManager product to build a robust, interoperable personal health record to offer patients the best of breed for storing and accessing their vital data. Health Link connects patients to a multitude of customized material such as personalized health education and online connectivity to caregivers. Through reminders and alerts that can be tailored to suit an individual's unique circumstances, members are reminded of important actions and receive suggestions to better manage their health. This includes everything from refilling prescriptions on time, appointment reminders, drug interaction warnings, and tips for preventative actions.

Scott R. Silverman, Chairman and CEO of PositiveID, said, "The next generation of our Health Link personal health record will put consumers in charge of their health information, enabling them to manage all of their health data from one centralized, interoperable location. Health Link's partnership with FIS will give patients the ability to connect to their healthcare providers, pharmacies, caretakers, and even their medical devices."

About FIS 

FIS delivers banking and payments technologies to more than 14,000 financial institutions and businesses in over 100 countries worldwide. FIS provides financial institution core processing, and card issuer and transaction processing services, including the NYCE(R) Network. FIS maintains processing and technology relationships with 40 of the top 50 global banks, including nine of the top 10. FIS is a member of Standard and Poor's (S&P) 500(R) Index and consistently holds a leading ranking in the annual FinTech 100 rankings. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla., FIS employs more than 30,000 on a global basis. FIS is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the "FIS" ticker symbol. For more information about FIS see


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