Unlike the robot itself, there’s no operating room required for the simulator and you can see an external monitor for teaching purposes.  At $100,000 per machine, imageit’s a lot cheaper than having to practice on the actual robot.  Through the software there are a number of surgical procedures that can be added for practice.

This certainly seems to cement that robotic surgery is here to stay and will expand in the future to more procedures too and with the simulator this could perhaps be a part of the process that makes it happen.  BD 

From the website:

"The RoSS will have a major impact on improving surgical outcomes," said Donald L. Trump, MD, president and chief executive officer of RPCI. "The product's relevance will grow in direct proportion to the acceptance and application of robot-assisted surgery as a best practice around the world. The training that RoSS provides will eventually translate into better quality of life for thousands of patients."

For more than a decade, UB's Virtual Reality Lab has been one of very few in the nation focused on developing haptic technologies -- technologies that bring a sense of touch to virtual reality. "Our experience using computers to transmit accurately the real-time feel and touch of surgery has enabled us to work with Roswell Park to create a training system that provides a highly realistic simulation of robotic surgery," said Kesavadas.

"This is a true collaboration that started between two individuals with world-class skills in their respective areas," said Robert J. Genco, DDS, PhD, vice provost and director of UB's Office of Science, Technology and Economic Outreach (STOR), which assists in the commercialization of technologies developed by UB researchers. "Hospitals don't invest in these multi-million-dollar robotic surgery systems so that people can train on them," says John Burgess, Simulated Surgical Systems, LLC, chief executive officer. "Their most pressing need has been a good training environment for robotic surgery."


RoSS is a Robotic Surgical Simulator which uses virtual reality to realistically introduce the user to the operation and feel of a robotic surgical console. RoSS has been validated by leading surgeons in order to be realistic in its design, and provide close to life experience of working on the on the master console of da Vinci® Surgical System.

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