Many of Microsoft offerings of late have been of the hybrid nature and the BPOS system will allow the same, some information in the cloud and some that can be stored locally.  Of course group policy comes into play here too with administrators in the IT department putting some secure lock downs here as well.  I know from a tiny person’s needs I am very happy with Office Live and I can do the same, up in the cloud or save on my computer.  With Outlook it available with Office Live from the web or Outlook desktop.  Everything is in synch with my email and I can create some folder to keep on my computer as well. 

I think having a hybrid model gives you the best of both worlds too, as there might be some information you want stored locally and be able to use a locally installed software program.  BD

REDMOND, Wash. -- Government cloud computing continues to move away from the theoretical and toward the practical as Microsoft announced Wednesday, Feb. 24, the launch of a dedicated government cloud based on the company's Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). The announcement was made at the company's annual U.S. Public Sector CIO Summit.


The cloud offering, known as BPOS Federal, was designed to meet stringent security standards, said Gail Thomas-Flynn, Microsoft's vice president for state and local government. BPOS Federal, she said, is expected to attain Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) certification. In a speech Wednesday, corporate vice president Ron Markezich said FISMA certification is expected in six months.

Microsoft Unveils Dedicated Cloud for Government


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