Hugo Ortega, a Microsoft MVP and Tablet PC fanatic like myself was traveling this week to include his annual trip to Microsoft and while on campus there he stumbled upon the Health/Lifestyle room for employees and staff, (of course they would have one of these).   The first picture is a diabetes station where it appears you can use a “touch screen” computer as well as some other additional hardware to get up to date. 


This picture is a blood pressure machine which we have seen those in drug stores and this one looks pretty advanced.  Again, there’s a touchscreen computer screen and I am guessing you get a lot more information than the ones at the drug store too.  I have used those and they do the basics and give your blood pressure. 


Here’s the award talk and congrats!  I can relate to what he says here. “we can sit down here (Redmond) and speak your mind as there’s always something in common to talk about, with geek topics and geek humor, and people may find us a little ridiculous but we think we are all cool”.  Good stuff and if you are a geek you get it.  BD 

My friend Barbara Duck (of The Medical Quack) would be happy to hear that I found some IT medical gear while in Redmond with Microsoft. As I was in between meetings going from Building 113 to Building 92 I came across one of the Health/Lifestyle room’s setup for MS staff.
Not hugely innovative, or unique to MS, it was still nice to see touch technology in the wild and in use in this environment.

Both machines can take your Vital Signs and both designed to feedback your state of health. You can sit on and stick your arm in both machines; the white one primarily designed around diabetes identification and prevention, and the second for blood pressure.

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