Well he’s not calling the Medical Quack though:)  Ducks have been known as well as other birds and animals to be a source of stress relief, unless of course you read this blog here, it will stress you out with technology if you are anywhere near any stage of “tech denial”. 

I thought this was interesting to see a CEO to be bold enough to give us some insight into some real hidden talent, so when you are not working with routers, mobile vans, you name it, I guess you can take time out to “quack” about it(grin).   

For some odd reason or another, ducks seem to be able to penetrate and go where others cannot, even President Obama was interrupted by a “duck”.  Give this a little longer to catch on and we’ll have a diagnosis for this in healthcare, “Asymptomatic Duck Calling”, just look for the person with a whistle stuck to their lips I guess for who appear to enjoy this type of behavior.  If Mr. Chambers practices this too often around those in healthcare for long, it will be diagnosed, have an ICD9 code and maybe even the AMA would entertain a CPT code so physicians can be compensated eventually.  In time it could be targeted to a specific gene and we can all find out if there we have some of the same DNA as ducks – “pharmacoducknetics”!  BD 

Duck Collides with medical helicopter and hops a ride

And then we have the “duck in truck” pal who the owner says is his best friend. Everybody should have a duck, he wasted money on buying a dog and a duck and realized later he should have just bought the duck! 

View more news videos at: http://www.nbclosangeles.com/video.

Cisco Making 'Major Technology Announcement' To 'Forever Change The Internet' On March 9

I don’t know if all of this is leading up to the announcement coming up on March 9th, but I guess it could be something along the line like “Cisco quacks!” but the might find some “duck” patent issues with Aflac to pursue this route, need a better duck, no bioidentical ducks allowed here.    It has my vote for that end of the tale. 

He may also need some biometric monitoring as well, so his health concerns can be scored and analyzed too.  Health insurance companies these days are all into behavioral underwriting and something like this could be one more reason used to raise the cost of premiums (makes about as much sense as everything else we are hearing today) and this could be deemed a “pre-existing condition.  

Actually what might fit the bill here is a “blue tooth” duck caller, this way all calls can be sent to a cell phone to share the experience with others who may also like to quack, and wellness coaches could jump right in here and remind individuals to either quack more or quack less, depending on what their plan for wellness programs calls for. 

Participatory “quacking” you might call it as we do need to fit this activity into our daily routine without being disruptive and distracted, and of course, no quacking duck calls when driving, we need a law for that.  BD 

Cisco CEO John Chambers' Secret Talent


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