If you were not aware of this fact you would think it was the opposite, but it’s true, pharmacies make more money from generic drugs.  This year with many drugs imagecoming off patent, this should give additional revenues to drug stores and pharmacies.  So on the brand name drugs, who keeps most of the profit?  1 guess.  Some drugs are also facing competition with medical device solutions too as they are approved by the FDA.  BD

A bunch of the blockbuster drugs that carried the drug industry for the past decade are about to go off patent. As we’ve noted along with everybody else, that’s going to be tough for pharma companies. 

(See, for example, the news this week from Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb, which over the next two years will face generic competition on the two biggest drugs in the world, Lipitor and Plavix.)

CVS, Walgreen to Profit from Generic Drugs - Health Blog - WSJ


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