I think the same sort of phenomenon might be happening here in the US too.  When you stop and think about how busy healthcare facilities and hospitals are today it can happen.  Most of our leaders don’t understand how technology is impacting our lives today as they are non participants. That’s why we have 34 members imagestating they are ready to retire. 

Distraction and Disruption – A Way of Life Today with Technology - Do Our Leaders Understand What Is Happening?

We are trying to reform healthcare, but I can’t even see enough of the group stay on one subject.

Is Distraction Getting in the Way of HealthCare Reform?

I said this over a year ago, we need a digital format for laws as you can see by the last few months how long the antiquated process takes and we are to the point now where new technology need to be referenced in the laws they make, so how can this be done with a non participant knowledge level.  We see a lot of CEOs too leaving their posts and other top management people. 

Are We Ever Going to Get Some Algorithm Centric Law In Place for Healthcare

If we don’t stop and take a look at what is happening and bring some human elements back, and stop writing everything off as a business decision, life is going to get pretty ugly with nobody caring and the rest just giving up as the failure of living with technology will advance those monetarily who do, whether they deserve it or not, and whether they use algorithms for gain or for the use of improving life and sometimes those lines even get grey. 

I like technology and what it can do, but I also see what it does when it is misused for greed and gain.  I also projected 2 years ago that we would be close to having riots in the US over healthcare and we are almost there.  I guess my time in writing code and aggregating data years back must do something for me to see the next bend or 2 in the road.  If you have worked with computer code and understand the basics of how it all comes together coupled along with the way the business world works today, it’s really not that hard to see as it is one process building on another and figuring out who’s going to partner and/or team with who, for money.  BD 

A government inquiry into the working of a National Health Service (NHS) hospital found that patients were routinely neglected or left 'sobbing and humiliated' by staff who stopped providing safe care as managers were preoccupied with meeting targets and cutting costs.

Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, where at least 400 to 1,200 patients died in a three-year period because of appalling care, had lost sight of its responsibility, the inquiry report released on Wednesday stated.

Its chairman Robert Francis QC made 18 recommendations for both the Trust and the government after hearing evidence from more than 900 patients and their relatives, and more than 80 staff, The Times of London reported.

'This was an appalling failure at every level of the hospital to ensure patients received the care and compassion they deserved,' said British Health Secretary Andy Burnham.

'There can be no excuses for this. I am accepting all of the recommendations in full.'

British hospital of horrors


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