After GE announced the product in October 2009, it is now available for purchase for healthcare professionals.  To find more information on the product, you can imagevisit the website Vscan portal.  I looked around a bit and there’s an informational video that describes what you receive with your purchase and gives you an overall product view of how it can be used for cardiology and abdominal viewing. 

It is of course FDA approved and is good for around 30 patients based on an average of 2 minutes per scan.  I didn’t see any pricing yet, but that could be updated soon.  


You can read the entire press release here. 


House visits, no problem. 


Will this be developed for consumers some day?  Time will tell. 


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  1. Hello,

    I have for sale 2 units of refurbished GE V-Scan in “like new” condition.These units comes with a full 180 days warranty.For prices and more details please contact me.


    Dr Zack Murray


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