Here’s one more application for the iPhone if you are traveling and want to located medical services outside the US to be available this year.  With rising healthcare costs in the US, many imageother countries are extremely interested in touch economic times in making an inroad to capture some of our healthcare business.  Last November I attended the World Medical Tourism Conference for a day and tried to soak up as much information as possible to help understand how this is all occurring and how the pricing and methods compare to what we do. 

World Medical Tourism Conference 2009 – A Learning Awareness

Mexico is also waiting to see how our healthcare reform comes out, as due to location this a big potential market.  At the World Tourism Conference, I spoke to a couple hospital operators and they are building almost 5 star hospitals with hotels connected for convenience in anticipating of seeing more medical tourism patients both here from the US and other countries. 

Mexico is Also Waiting for the Outcome of US Healthcare Reform – Medical Tourism

This is also one big reason to make sure we get healthcare reform done right and not just a band aid solution that accomplishes little.  BD 

Press Release:

(Vocus/PRWEB ) February 24, 2010 -- Healthy Travel Media, publishers of the Patients Beyond Borders series, announces HealthTraveler™, the first mobile application that allows patients and international travelers alike to quickly find the highest-quality, American-accredited hospitals and clinics in the world’s 50 most-traveled tourist destinations. Developed initially for the Apple iPhone, HealthTraveler provides important information for patients crossing borders for medical procedures, as well as for tourists who require medical attention while abroad.

This readily accessible application will provide users with vital information on international hospital locations, including current data on specialties, accreditation, procedures, and other medical services available, as well as detailed contact information that allows the user to instantly connect with the selected hospital or facility. HealthTraveler will also allow users immediate access to maps and GPS-generated driving directions to their desired locations, along with direct-connect call capabilities to alert hospital emergency personnel of their arrival and condition.

“Every year, millions of leisure and business travelers either become sick or have accidents while traveling abroad; the ability to quickly and reliably obtain potentially life-saving information on the best available medical resources is a must,” says Healthy Travel Media CEO Josef Woodman. “HealthTraveler provides instant access to trusted, vetted medical information tourists and medical travelers require to make informed healthcare choices while abroad.”

HealthTraveler provides information on more than 250 hospitals and clinics—most of them American-accredited—around the world. Patients seeking high-quality, affordable care abroad will also be able to search for the best hospitals and clinics in the world’s leading medical tourism destinations.

HealthTraveler is scheduled for release in fall 2010 on Apple’s iPhone and iTouch mobile devices, with plans underway for subsequent releases on BlackBerry and Android. The manufacturer’s list price is $3.99.

About Healthy Travel Media

Healthy Travel Media, an independent imprint based in Chapel Hill, NC, publishes books, eBooks, and online information on medical, health, and wellness travel. Its flagship international title, Patients Beyond Borders, now in its Second Edition, is the leading consumer reference guide for medical tourism and is filled with authoritative and accessible advice. Specialized editions have been published for Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Turkey. The Patients Beyond Borders series is available through booksellers everywhere and is distributed to the retail trade by Publishers Group West (

HealthTraveler™ is World’s First Mobile App for Medical Tourism


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