Not too long ago New Yorkers had the closure of St. Vincent’s Hospital close and now with some of the hospitals taking up the slack, Aetna patients may have one less affordable choice. 

The hospitals stated the amounts offered in the contract were not enough to enable covering their fixed costs, and to make up the difference, the out of network imagecharges will apply and 20-30% of the services would be paid by the patient.  BD

It could cost a lot more for thousands of New Yorkers to get treated at some of the city's top medical centers after a deal crumbled between the hospitals and Aetna.

The insurance giant pulled the plug on its contract with Continuum Health Partners on June 5 after talks to negotiate a new three-year reimbursement deal broke down.

The move covers Beth Israel Medical Center, New York Eye and Ear Infirmary and St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital, all in Manhattan, and Beth Israel's Kings Highway Division and Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn.

It really makes no sense why they are doing this except to keep the pressure on us. And with Medicare and Medicaid paying us less, it becomes impossible for us to cover our costs. We can't end up like [bankrupt] St. Vincent's [hospital]," Levin said.

Aetna customers can still go to the Continuum hospitals, but they will be reimbursed at the more expensive "out-of-network" rate.

Most are likely to have to pay 20% to 30% of hospital services rather than get 100% reimbursement.

Failed deal between Aetna, local hospitals leaves thousands of New Yorkers footing bill


  1. The fight's over. Aetna and Continuum have reached a deal. Of course, that isn't getting as much press as the fight itself. It's in Crain's.


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