Since 2003 the Red Cross has been fined close to a dozen times.  The Red Cross provides over one third of the US blood supplies by selling it to healthcare facilities. 

Coalition Calls for FDA to Investigate the Red Cross Relative to Safety and Recent Workforce Reductions of Nurses

Recently in the news above a group had stated that work force reductions were taking a toll, but the article here states the fines were for violations that occurred imageprior to the layoffs.  Anymore I am beginning to wonder if fining companies and organizations is really effective.  Certainly all say they are going to improve and correct issues but do they?  The Red Cross doesn’t have much of a choice but when I look at the insurance industry by comparison, I don’t think they do much at all and have more of a pay fine as you go business model.  BD 

WASHINGTON - Federal health regulators on Thursday fined the American Red Cross $16 million for sloppy screening of donated blood, the latest in a series of violations that have cost the group millions of dollars.  

The Food and Drug Administration said in a statement that the group failed to take precautions to assure the safety of blood donations. Despite those oversights, the FDA says the U.S. blood supply appears to be safe.

“We appreciate the fact that the FDA has recognized that the Red Cross is making progress in improving compliance, but are disappointed that the FDA believed it necessary to fine us for prior violations dating back several years,” the group said.

Red Cross fined $16M over blood screening - Health care-

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  1. Sounds like you're on same track as Health Care Renewal: they've really been hammering the "fines aren't enough" message lately.


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