If you are a regular reader here, you will find a multitude of posts about using 2D and 3D Microsoft Tags due to some brainstorming on my part with looking forward to where we are going with Health IT.  The folks over at Razcode and I got into a conversation not too long ago about using digital tags to potentially use as a solution imagewith the new DEA e-prescribing rules and you can read more at the link below on how this could be integrated as a method of identifying the physician initiating the prescriptions, pretty innovative and exciting stuff.

RAZCODE (Microsoft Tags) Using Smart Phones to authenticate MDs When e-Prescribing Controlled Substances

Also, there are many other uses for Microsoft Tags to include device companies, drug companies and the FDA to put their heads together to help consumers, doctors and hospital to stay on top of this.  I had many favorable comments from consumers, pharmacists, doctors, HMOs and others who could see the light here, and one other big bonus here is that using your cell phone as a scanner is kind of fun too – it is a way to engage the consumer – big plus with Health IT efforts here if you may have missed this benefit as everyone out there is racking their brains on how to do this!

Microsoft Tags – Microsoft MSDN Posts Ideas from the Medical Quack About Use in Healthcare!

The video below shows how to connect your Google Health account and have the ability to add information to your Google Health account simply by snapping the imagecode with your cell phone.  The Withings scale is already using Razcode as well as Dossia, Healthvault and a few others in the works.  This is the way of the future here and simple and easy for the consumer, almost easier than using your phone to make calls! 

If you are reading here, please take a moment to vote on the informal poll I have going to let me know if you see this as valuable technology and there’s an option to select you don’t quite understand it it, but keep reading here and hopefully that will bring some of this full circle.  You would almost have to be living under a rock to miss the news today with mobility making big moves in healthcare and the uniqueness here with one technology being able to simply touch so many areas is certainly a big plus, and again, let’s don’t forget the use for recalls, a real big plus for consumers.  

Check out your next box of Wheaties and look for the Tag or in TV Guide to see what they look like. 

image image

From the website:

A RAZCODE is a Digital Health Token, encoded in a Microsoft Tag 2D barcode, that allows you to easily and securely upload health information to your choice of online health management services whenever a participating health care provider provides you with a RAZCODE Image or RAZCODE ID.

One of the key benefits of your HealthJibe account is the ability to upload health information to any health management service linked to your account by simplyimage snapping a picture of a RAZCODE that is encoded in a Microsoft Tag using the camera on a web-enabled smartphone.

RAZCODE Digital Health Token encoded in a Microsoft Tag


Typically RAZCODEs are included on receipts, labels, account summaries, explanation of benefit statements, and other health related documents.

We are working to promote the RAZCODE platform with vendors of medical practice management systems and electronic medical record solutions, as well as progressive insurance companies and innovative medical device manufacturers. As this effort continues, we expect that you will begin to see RAZCODEs showing up on many of the health documents you receive from your health care providers.

To give it a try visit gettag.mobi to download the Microsoft Tag Reader software for your smartphone. Then use the Tag software and the camera on your smartphone to “snap” the Microsoft Tag shown here. Discover how easy it is to use a RAZCODE while creating your new HealthJibe account at the same time.”

If you want to try and create a Tag for your Twitter feed just to see how it works, a developer wrote a very simple – one click – process to create a Tag for your Twitter feed and I did mine.  Once done, put the Tag on your blog, it’s where I have mine and individuals that have the “free” program on their Smart Phone can point and aim and go directly to your Twitter feed – nice. 


Just as a footnote, here’s some “Tweets” from a consumer and Health IT professionals that expressed some real positive comments on the technology too.  BD






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