Hoag Hospital in Orange County continues their hi tech efforts with bringing in personal health records in their expansion with medical record integration and imageaggregation.  Those who live in Orange County have heard me state over and over to get started with a PHR and as you can see this is the way of the future.  Back in October Hoag began their new RFID process for keeping track of patients in the emergency room and you can read more at the link below. 

Hoag Hospital Installs Hi-Tech Emergency Room Patient Tracking System – Orange County

If you want to read up more about personal health records, I have an entire section on the blog that focuses heavily on both HealthVault and Google Health that explains how you can connect your labs, pharmacies, etc. and get your information into a PHR.  Below are the standing links on my blog that link you right to the websites to get started. 

At some point in time I almost wonder if hospitals will be assessing some type of administrative charge for those who show up with “no records”, it could happen in time.  Ask any emergency room doctor about records, they are indeed happy for any credible information that can be provided and it will lead to better care for consumers/patients and cut down on medical errors.  BD 

SALT LAKE CITY - (Business Wire) Hoag Memorial Presbyterian Hospital, Newport Beach, California, has selected Medicity, Inc. as its partner to build a secure community-wide health information exchange (HIE).

”This new partnership continues Hoag’s long-term commitment to provide exceptional care to the communities we serve,” stated Tim Moore, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Hoag Hospital. “We wish to maximize the community’s health care experience through a streamlined continuum of services.” image

Hoag Hospital will deploy Medicity’s full suite of technology services – including ProAccess Community, MediTrust Cloud Services and the Novo Grid – to provide an always-available electronic health record that includes both clinical and administrative data for its physician population, health plans, business partners and patients. Medicity’s technology solutions will meet the varied needs of Hoag’s partners throughout the community.

As participants come online and the HIE grows from the bottom up, the HIE infrastructure will be expanded to provide more services to the community. This includes aggregating and staging data, implementing identity management services, establishing a longitudinal community health record and registries for information access and analysis, and creating gateway services to other care providers within the community.

The HIE will also include extensive patient engagement, allowing for, among other things, integration with personal health record applications such as Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault.

Hoag Hospital Partners with Medicity, Continuing Its Commitment to the Community | Earth Times News


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