I believe I am reading this correctly but if you are a member of a company, HMO or otherwise that utilizes the services of Prescription Solutions, this new format willimage allow the employer (or who ever is the client) to set and establish parameters in which members can function and receive information.  Not too long ago Ingenix, another United HealthCare subsidiary announced desktop software for employers to analyze and I am guessing the 2 of these might be related and data possibly aggregated.  One thing that United certainly well is produce tons and tons of software to “help” everyone with statistics.  Not to say this is a bad idea, but how many people really utilize them or do they just kind of sit there. 

Ingenix (UnitedHealthCare Subsidiary) Creates Desktop Software for Employers to Analyze Employee Benefit Use To Help Cut Costs – More Analytics and Algorithms To Save That Buck

Between buying up companies in China, purchasing more wellness companies, the portfolio here is appears to be growing and with a lot of entities that one would maybe not associate together in the past, but not by today’s economy.  Companies do not buy a company for an investment, it is consumed and all their data and operations get joined together to work with each other.  There are a ton of private equity firms doing the same, so this company from China might be there to help get more Chinese drugs and devices to the US as they already have a line of collaboration with the FDA established the article states as a prime are of their expertise as they are a “gateway” company.  

UnitedHealth subsidiary (Ingenix Subsidiary I3) Acquires ChinaGate – Working to Sell Chinese Products Globally

If in fact the company is able to get more Chinese drugs here in the US as an example, you could in fact begin seeing them mentioned as a potential preferred generic alternative, as they might have a big stake in some of this.  I make this analogy to show how entities owned from different companies are working together today. 

Private equity firms plans it that way and already has a potential business model in place way before anything is announced.  There’s a lot more going on with more than just mailing your prescriptions here as the algorithms of cost and risk management are provided to HMOs and employers.  BD 

IRVINE, Calif., Jun 25, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Prescription Solutions, a leading pharmacy benefit management organization and a UnitedHealth Group company, has launched Clinical Vantage(SM), a suite of clinical programs that enables clients to create specialized solutions to meet their particular needs to improve the health and well-being of members. 

More than 100 evidence-based clinical programs and technological innovations, covering a wide range of therapeutic categories and populations, are gathered under the Clinical Vantage(SM) umbrella. Prescription Solutions clients have the flexibility to select single or multiple program types that best meet their needs or goals to reduce pharmacy costs while improving health care outcomes for their members.

The Clinical Vantage(SM) approach has four distinct uses -- creating customized solutions, improving quality and safety, maximizing savings, achieving optimal health -- that individually provide clients with specialized solutions or, taken together, help clients achieve clinical and economic goals.


Other quality and safety-related Clinical Vantage(SM) programs among clients include:

-- Drug Interaction Alert Program (DIAP) to help reduce and prevent potentially dangerous drug-drug interactions (DDIs)

-- Geriatric RxMonitor Program which helps reduce inappropriate medication use among people age 65 and older

-- Polypharmacy Program that notifies physicians about potentially harmful drug-disease interactions and inappropriate duplicate therapies

-- Narcotic Drug Utilization Review Program to minimize the occurrence of abuse, diversion and other inappropriate use of addictive painkillers.

Maximizing Savings: Clinically Managing Drug Formularies while Promoting Generics and Mail Order


Prescription Solutions Launches Clinical Vantage(SM) to Help Improve Health Outcomes and Reduce Costs – MarketWatch


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