Is that not a great title, but we are in some economic times right now when the money for the oil change is not there either.  This was the speaker headline for the imagefirst in a list of many and granted we all need to work on keeping cost down, but this was just a little hard on the ears and a bit of blame shifting if you ask me, Pulitzer Prize or not.  I thought folks with those types of awards could see the difference here between cars and humans?

As you can tell this is the economic side of healthcare and there may be very little as far as actual human care discussed here, until some of the folks from the Cleveland Clinic, Mayo and a few others take the floor.   You can find the main site here for additional information.  We are starting to see trade associations like the one below develop.

How Big Are Private Equity Investments in Healthcare – Large Enough to Create a “Non-Profit” Trade Association To Talk About How to “Profit”

This is interesting to me how non profits are created to figure out how to make profits.  BD 

Consumers’ Attitude of Entitlement at the Root of Problems in Health Care

Our nation is developing a “culture of dependency” that will put our country into a welfare state, Pulitzer Prize-winning political columnist George F. Will told ANI attendees Monday—and healthcare providers will be “ground zero of our coming problems with the welfare state,” he says.


“Americans increasingly feel entitled to low, if any, copayments and low, if any, deductibles,” he says.


He compared Americans’ attitudes toward the benefits they believe they should receive from health care with the benefits they expect to receive from their car insurance: “Who in the world expects auto insurance to pay for their oil changes?”

“There is something wrong with this displaced sense of personal responsibility,” he says.

ANI: The Healthcare Finance Conference


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