This was just too good to pass up and not post:)  We have all kinds of devices, creams, etc. for wrinkles and now a RN has invented the breast pillow and you can imagesee how it is worn at night from the picture.  There’s also a line of skin care that comes along with the pillow for purchase. 

If one were breast feeding, perhaps this would come in handy for the baby to rest it’s head too.  It appears this is an answer for wrinkles in the cleavage areas.  Now just imagine sleeping with a few other devices at night, like maybe a sleep apnea machine added in.  Getting ready for bed is going to add up to be a chore in time(grin).

I noticed there’s the standard pillow and also the “gold” edition, which are both priced the same so perhaps this is just the color.  You can read below but those of us women who sleep on our sides are at greatest risk for these wrinkles.  BD   

The Intimia™ Breast Pillow was developed by aesthetic nurse specialist, Irene Komsky, R.N, after she began noticing skin damage on her patients'  cleavage area.  She noticed that this damage was caused not only by the aging process but also by sleeping habits of her patients. 

Patients who were avid side sleepers seemed to have the most wrinkles. After months of research Irene developed a product, which she shared with a number of her patients who began to see immediate results - the dramatic improvement of the wrinkles appearance. 

image image

RN Invented - The Intimia™ Breast And Chest Pillow


  1. I bet you laugh at blind people, or those who are deaf, or children who have
    cleft palates too. I guess you think it’s just a great big joke, but for
    your information this breast pillow thing really works and brings relief to
    women – like my wife – who are suffering and are in pain. You may ridicule
    it, but I bet a lot of women who experience discomfort and lose sleep from a
    variety of conditions and problems ranging from post cardiac surgery to
    breast feeding to chest wrinkles are being helped by this product. My wife
    is. It is ignorant people like you who don’t try a product or fail to
    really do your homework and find out what people are actually saying that
    give bloggers such a bad name. Shame on you!


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