Representatives said this cost would have to be shifted to the consumer, which would mean higher Saturday deliveries in the case of some prescriptions.  They imagestated that 100,000 prescriptions get delivered on Saturdays. 

In the meantime the Post Office is looking to save over 3 billion annually on their costs, so what’s it going to be?  After spending many years in logistics, that extra day comes in handy for companies to meet their shipping deadlines and weekends in the business culture are at an extra cost.  I guess they could have a Saturday office location open for pick up if needed, and perhaps a meeting half way here could keep both parties happy.  BD

The Postal Regulatory Commission heard testimony Monday from businesses that oppose an  end to mail delivery on Saturdays, a move the postal service says would save more  than $3 billion annually.

Among them, CVS Caremark Co. said a five-day delivery service would impede the growth of mail-order pharmaceuticals and keep vital medications from patients. Kenneth Czarnecki, CVs senior vice president of Mail Pharmacy Operations, said that by eliminating a day of delivery, the Postal Service would allow competitors to drastically raise their rates for  Saturday delivery. Customers would have to absorb those costs.

CVS makes case for Saturday mail delivery | Chicago Breaking Business


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