Last October doctors organized in Chicago.  Coney Island as well as the hospital in Chicago are both publicly run facilities.  BD

Doctors Join the Union in Chicago – Cook County Health and Hospital System

A group of employed physicians has voted by an 83% majority to unionize under the Doctors Council SEIU at Coney Island Hospital in New York. image

Full-time physicians at the 371-bed hospital on Wednesday voted 96-to-19 in favor of joining the Service Employees International Union doctors' unit (24 doctors did not vote). The decision means all 139 eligible full-time physicians at the hospital will become members of the union, SEIU said in a news release.
Part-time doctors at the hospital have long been members of the union, but Wednesday's vote brings the number of unionized docs there to more than 200, the union said.
Coney Island is a publicly run hospital that is owned by the New York City Health and Hospitals Corp., the nation's largest municipal hospital system.

Docs at Coney Island Hospital vote to unionize - Modern Healthcare


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