One more mobile service from Walgreens for your phone.  They also have an IPhone application and one for BlackBerry and Android phones.  If you want to be alerted on when your prescription is ready you can follow the instructions.  Also I noticed there are “coupons” available through the web and the mobile application.  Be careful of coupon services for marketing and privacy reasons.  I covered a lot of this in a post earlier this year and you need to be aware of who could possibly see some of your information as well as the potential of finding you on Facebook and other social avenues as much of the prescription data does not fall under the protection of HIPAA and coupons are used to build data bases of profiles and information to market you better. 

Habits and Identities Revealed via Coupons – Facebook Fan Pages Can Make User ID Visible – Shopping Algorithms Reduce Privacy And Increase Visibility

Most of the wireless carriers are covered and you can even get your refills via your phone.  You can go here to reference the FAQs on using the service.  In addition there are links to follow Walgreens on Twitter and Facebook too so they “socialized”. 


Well let’s see what the other big retail chain comes back with next (grin) and “do not drive and get your refills at the same time”, so perhaps they need to add this disclaimer here so everyone is aware as someone thought doctors had time to address all of that, but a website where you do your online processing is the place for this.  BD 

Drugstore chain Walgreens launched a new text message (SMS) powered prescription alerts service for its customers. Prescription Text Alerts notify customers when their prescriptions are ready. In other mobile-related news, Walgreens also re-launched its iPhone app as well as its mobile site,


The launch of Walgreen’s Prescription Text Alerts is an important event for mobile health — with more than 7,500 retail locations across all 50 states in the US, the opportunity for people to receive text alerts about prescription statuses is now nationwide. 


Walgreens’ Prescription Text Alerts let customers know when medications are ready for pickup or if there are any status changes to the prescription. Customers can sign up for them at the pharmacy or online. The texts can also be sent in Spanish.


Walgreens is also launching Special Offer Texts to sent customers coupons and deals via text messages. Customers can sign up at the store of by texting “Walgreens” to shortcode 21525.

Walgreens launches prescription text alerts | mobihealthnews


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  2. It is great to see a large chain drug store like Walgreen's implementing this type of service. It speaks to the more comprehensive and interactive approach to patient care, we would all like to see adopted here in the U.S. At my company, Globaltel Media, we've seen our healthcare customers begin to develop some very useful and interesting SMS-based communications systems. From replacing expensive pager systems to appointment reminders and mobile diagnostics via texting, SMS messaging provides an ideal path of communication for both healthcare workers and patients. It is important to remember that although smartphones are certainly becoming more popular and affordable, the vast majority of the population still uses basic mobile technology. To efficiently access the greatest number of users, SMS messaging is hands down the way to go. Thanks for your article, it will be interesting to see how this program plays out!


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