This is a major break through with heart cells.  When you watch the video they suggest that implementation can be done with a stent to inject the cells.  60 minutes did a story not too long ago about growing body parts and they talked about growing heart cells.  I can’t remember the post but a while back I had a scientist comment on the blog here that it’s not that hard to do and saying he’s done it several times.  image

Regenerative Medicine – A Visit to Wake Forest Where They Grow Body Parts With Stem Cells

Not too long ago I posted about stem cells being used to grow teeth to, and I want to be in line for that one. 

Dental Implants Using Body’s Own Stem Cells To Grow Them – Regenerative Dentistry In the Works

The reason for the breakthrough here is that the step of growing IPS cells, which are not very controllable with what and how they develop, can be skipped.  IPS cells could grow cancer cells as an example and now by skipping this step the odds of that potentially happening should be reduced tremendously with a controlled growth environment. 

The break through took place at San Francisco’s Gladstone Institute and research and development institutes all over the world will now begin to use this process.  So far the work has been done with mice and it’s moving over to the human side soon.  BD 

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Bay Area researchers are announcing a breakthrough that takes stem cell therapy to another level. Scientists have figured out how to create specific cells for treatments, without using embryonic stem cells to do it.

Researchers at San Francisco's Gladstone Institutes are using a groundbreaking technique to create living beating, heart cells.

The reprogramming technique builds on the work of Gladstone scientist Shinya Yamanaka, who first discovered how to turn skin cells into a type of stem cell known as induced-pluripotent stem cells.

Those so-called IPS cells can then grow into any type of cell in the body. But this new technique skips that stage entirely.

Bay Area researchers announce breakthrough in stem cell therapy |

Growing Body Parts - 60 Minutes - CBS News

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