Media events on healthcare continue to heat up.  First off we have a video from the group Sick for Profit.Com discussing some recent Cigna events and  include some excerpts from Wendell Potter. 

Next we have a group called the Billionaires for WealthCare with their showing at the recent demonstration, basically mocking demonstrators who are against change.  They do a pretty good job with their presentation and get attention in an unusual way and it seems like those against reform seem to be buying right in to it and somewhat lavishing the attention. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch I have my own interpretation on some what is going on.

Is Distraction Getting in the Way of HealthCare Reform?

I know I get kidded a bit about the word “algorithm” and this is the first thing you see smack in the middle of this page as that is one of my goals to help educate and bring an awareness to all to what is doing the work, algorithms that run 24/7 and are created with software by humans to create the desired out put. 

Next time when you attend a rally, tea party or whatever the occasion is, remember it’s the proprietary algorithms you are mad at, created for profit and not open source and available computer code, and certainly not certified, and who knows maybe certification could lead to a few less lawsuits?  That’s a bit of speculation here, but you never know.  Our Executive branch is dealing with all of this getting caught up and bringing the government into the 21st century, so there was a ton of dead wood sitting there when they walked in the door.

We have a very smart Executive branch and they DO know all about those algorithms too, and realize it is an education as well as a technology battle.

People that want to keep “status quo” are being the most disruptive, those who resist change. BD


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