Ok with the so called nutritional news today relating a alcohol, I found one drink that can do it all.  I have to add some humor here, but I found this is a real drink as imagelisted on Newsweek.  The name is a little descriptive possibly of what can happen if you consume too many (grin).  The companies who make alcohol for consumption are not ready to lose any market share. 

US News reports today that there may be some cardio vascular protection here and also about the potential for beer to help create strong bones. 

With the decrease of the H1N1 threat perhaps Beer Pong could be making a comeback (grin).  BD

Swine Flu (H1N1) Changing Social Games and Habits – Beer Pong Is Banned at Many Colleges

Healthy Vodka Enhanced with Vitamin B To Make Hangover Recovery A Little Easier?

1 Liter Vodka
12 Cans Beer
1 Can Lemonade or Limeade Concentrate
With a taste that’s perfect for summer and a price tag suited for college, this drink is pleasantly potent and surprisingly delicious. So polish off that last exam, gather some friends, dump these makings into a cooler and declare it summertime.

Porch Crawler - Current Blog - Newsweek.com


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