Are pills always the solution?  This video from the New York Times goes though a few cases including Risperdal and a few other drugs.  The doctors were imageprescribing various medications so before one boy was 2 years old he had 5 drugs prescribed.  One item in the film was seeing the Lego toys having the drug name “Risperdal” on them, but we know now these are a thing of the past. 

Child psychiatrists stated that a family practice doctor is not equipped to handle some of the very specific mental health issues children have with aggressive behaviors.  Groups are coming together to collaborate on what is the best treatment for each child by reviewing each issue.  Some children have been removed from taking the drugs and some diagnoses are found to be in error with the causes of their behavior, such as a disruptive home life in one instance.  What the group is doing is looking at the over all behavior to see if something like speech delays or other afflictions are causing the behaviors and if some of those obstacles are removed, will the child be ok without drugs.  BD 

Tens of thousands of preschoolers are prescribed powerful anti-psychotic drugs, but some psychiatrists say that pills are a simple solution to a complex problem.


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