Well it just keeps rolling in the analytics game, and Ingenix is a United Health Group subsidiary, so they are into everything just about where analytics are used.  image

So when the HIE gets up and rolling with exchanging information, the software to tell you how to do it better is waiting for your purchase so you can be more efficient and save more money.  This acquisition was just completed by Ingenix in August so you can see they working on all their data and building some super high level business intelligence data pools out there, they have machine gun data and we have swords and daggers. 

Ingenix Acquires Health Information Exchange Services/EHR Provider Axolotl-United Health Group Behemoth Continues to Grow–Subsidiary Watchimage

The subsidiary also has an EHR system too so if you don’t like Care tracker here’s one more all the in the Ingenix bowl of data.  Last week this company appeared with a press release, which looks like creative marketing to me to sell Care Tracker as a platform but you don’t know where your records go to be stored.  

ClickFreeMD Selling Software EHR, Practice Management Bundled Records Solution–Emphasis on AMA Endorsement And Software “Powered” by Ingenix–Tethered or Untethered

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Axolotl Corp., the nationwide leader in health information exchange (HIE) services and solutions, today introduced Elysium® Discover, the industry’s first comprehensive suite of reporting and analytic tools designed specifically for Health Information Exchanges.

Elysium Discover provides a robust and versatile platform that is integrated with an HIE to deliver reporting, analytics and dashboard capabilities. With Elysium Discover an HIE can collect, analyze, and report HIE effectiveness such as system utilization and performance, generate patient registries, and perform clinical quality and public health reporting. Reports generated by Elysium Discover satisfy the auditing, clinical quality, and Meaningful Use requirements of ARRA and other government programs using the rich data flowing through the HIE.

Axolotl Announces Industry’s First Reporting and Analytics Solution for Health Information Exchanges | Business Wire


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