The facility will be completely closed by July of next year so it sounds like there’s some time for employees to begin looking or trying to make alternative plans.  According to the article the building was old, the roof leaked and there was no additional money invested in the facility for a while.image

Some jobs may go to their Liverpool warehouse and they can apply there.  3 Rite Aid stores have been closed in recent years in the City as well.  BD

Officials, business owners and residents were disheartened Tuesday at the news that Rite Aid Distribution Center will close next year.

But they also said the community will rally around the nearly 400 employees that will begin getting laid off in January.

“We’ve got a pretty solid community,” said Brian Miller, owner of Teddy’s Restaurant, a popular Black River Boulevard restaurant. “We help each other out when we’re down.”

Rite Aid workers, Rome businesses ponder future after layoff announcement - Utica, NY - The Observer-Dispatch


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