The device is said to cost around $80.00 when available.  The iBGStar attaches to imagethe phone and does the data work. It has an option to be used while plugged into the phone too.  As usual, there’s new technology and the hot stuff here according to the site is “Dynamic Electrochemistry” and you can read more below.  You’re still going to know where your glucose readings lie though so that part has not changed, you just get more information. 


From the website:

  • Samples are analyzed using Dynamic Electrochemistry® – an intelligent technology for results you can trust.
  • The iBGStar™ meets today’s stringent industry standards for accuracy and features plasma equivalent calibration for assurance with each and every reading. image[20]
  • The iBGStar™ is an innovative blood glucose meter with a compact, stylish body that can be used on its own or connected to an Apple iPhone® or iPod® touch to easily display, manage and communicate your diabetes information.
  • No coding required - Simply insert the test strip to begin.

You know seeing all of this might explain what my 87 year old Mom has been getting in the way of phone calls.  She was bombarded by some diabetes organization telling her to call Medicare and that current models are not as effective as the new imageones coming and she should look into updating.  This was a call center asking “is there a diabetic in the house”. The callers were not recommending any particular device. 

Diabetes Police Telephone Solicitation Patrol–4 Calls Today In 2 Hours Mom Asking If There Was A Diabetic in the House

She also had conflicting information from both her health plan and her drug store competing for who’s the expert on giving advice on when to check your glucose levels too.  No doubt all of this I believe relates back to pay for performance structuring and achieving goals as her pharmacy is Walgreens and the pharmacist there are on pay for performance from United Health Care for selected item where they can enroll patients

The old call center bonuses are pretty simple with a buck or so for every enrollment they get and that’s been going on for years but just more accelerated with today’s marketing.  Everybody is the expert today that does not know the specifics of your health, I think marketing is choking itself here. 

Compliance Police Out In Force for Seniors–Health Plans and Drug Stores Making Phone Calls-Business Models & Caller Behavior Sucks -A Result of Pay for Performance Efforts?


At least in this case we have some hardware/software integration going on here and as usual the over whelming full  precise data and explanations of each item that takes time and nobody has time for, but for getting your glucose, could be a good device.  Sanofi being a pharmaceutical company knows the routine for FDA approval.  Information can be sent back to a physician but without a medical records interface, forget it as the doctor won't have time to get to it and I’m almost sure a PHR and EHR interface is either there or in the works.  BD 

Pharmaceutical company Sanofi-Aventis today launched its iBGStar hybrid medical device to monitor blood glucose levels that can also be plugged into an iPhone or an iPod touch. The iBGStar is USB-sized blood glucose monitor that works as a standalone monitor, or it can be used with the new iBGStar Diabetes Manager app. Users can download the app for free from the iTunes store early 2011, although the device itself still requires FDA 510(k) clearance.

The iBGStar standalone device has a screen, its own battery, and a 300-test memory like many other glucose meters on the market. However, where it differs is in its iPhone connectivity. When connected to an iPhone running the Diabetes Manager app, it automatically uploads the data stored on the iBGStar and tracks personal diabetes information. This allows users and their healthcare professional to analyze trends and variations helping diabetes suffers better control their illness. Sharing results is also easy, and users can quickly send their data electronically to their healthcare professional for review.

Sanofi-Aventis launches iBGStar iPhone diabetes device | Electronista


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