It is education in the schools, yes important for the future of the children, but we need to get involved too, as so much of what is happening all around us involves learning.  I beat that drum pretty steady here at the Medical Quack in just trying to encourage folks to learn about what is happening in healthcare and how it is changing rapidly.  Of course I also take the time to note we have very few role models out there for both adults and children.  Look at what we see on the news and I think others as well as myself are growing tired of a lot of it, as we know better.  Look at some of the most liked and respected newscasters today, they are making a huge living from identifying this and making us laugh at the same time.


We see items as such in the news like this, more of the “its for those guys over there” mentality.  Everybody thinks it’s for someone else and thinks their job is to help someone else learn and feel they are the “Shell Answer men” but take little or no time to build up their own knowledge and thus we hear all this stupid stuff today.  It does make you feel good to help someone else and that is always a good thing but don’t cut yourself short and come from the heart and not out of a need to feel control and power. 

HHS National Plan to Improve Health Literacy – Not Going To Happen Until We Focus on Using Technology (The Tool for Literacy) Which Includes Role Models at HHS And Other Places in Government

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I do a lot of reading and could no way expect anyone to keep up the level that I do at times, but give it a few minutes every day or you will be left behind and don’t be afraid to learn a few new tricks and try some new technologies as others around you are doing it and moving ahead.  This is why I stick the word “algorithms” center stage here to maybe to motivate some to dig in and find out what is making things happen today with technology and the world we live in, lots of things are automated out there and those who hold the code are holding the dollars too.  It’s not like when I went to school at all and I didn’t have an internet to read up and find information, but it is there today for anyone to choose to partake and learn.  Here’s the trailer below and you can form your own opinion, but the only area the US lead the way was “confidence”.  BD 

Waiting for Superman–An Inconvenient Truth

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates thinks U.S. schools need higher expectations and longer school days to improve their effectiveness and increase their standing in the world.

Gates appeared on "Oprah" yesterday to talk about U.S. education and to plug the upcoming documentary "Waiting for 'Superman.'" He said America's public schools are failing to offer equal opportunity to the country's children.

Bill Gates on 'Oprah': higher expectations and longer school days


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