This is very cool and Bar Coding with Smart Phones is the way of the future to get imageinformation quickly.  As you can see from the screenshots, this makes it very easy to donate money to a good cause, fighting breast cancer.  They are using a technology called QR Codes and if you read here often enough you know I am a big fan of Microsoft Tags, another 2D barcoding program.  For healthcare items beyond general public information and the security needed, Microsoft Tags can be on an encrypted gateway and offers additional security.  The image to the left here is a screenshot of what appears on my phone when I “snap” the code.

I feel like I am the “tablet goober” all over again as for years everyone looked at it but somewhat ran away from the idea of interacting with a computer with something besides a keyboard and look where we are today with the Ipad for one simple example.  When you tout and use new technologies as such there is that “goober” stage until more feel ok about sticking their big toe into the water <grin>.  This does show value immediately.

Colbert Talks About IPad – More Tablet “Goobers” On the Way Soon! Tablet Computer Paradigms Finally Changing and Becoming Acceptable!

For this purpose though with getting contributions, the QR code works fine.  If you imagelike this idea, but sure and cast a vote as this would be wonderful to be able to have FDA recall information immediately available for drugs and devices. 

I have both readers on my Smart Phone so I can read either the QR or Microsoft Tags. 

Microsoft Tags – Microsoft MSDN Posts Ideas from the Medical Quack About Use in Healthcare!

A good QR program for your phone and what I use is the BeeTag QR system, very reliable and you can find the download here for your phone.image

For the Microsoft Tag reader, you can go to the website here and download the software.  This is so simple and the hardest part of all of this, if you call it difficult, is getting the programs loaded, after that it’s easier than making a phone call pretty much. 

I have been following the 2D Barcode Strategy blog now for a while and they are very good at keeping us all updated with the technology and who’s using it too.  You can try out the tag from their blog here and take a look at their blog and keep updated on current Bar Coding events, this is the way mobile information is moving. 

NutriSleuth UPC Barcoding Company Kicks the FDA in Back End When It Comes to Food Safety-Using a Smartphone to Scan for Info

Nice work on the part of the American Cancer Society and hopefully this will help imagegenerate more donations to help in the war against breast cancer.  This technology also stands to open the door for more consumer involvement in their own healthcare with making it easy to get information as there’s a working project to authenticate an MD for e-prescribing and a way to use the codes to get information into your personal health records too by using your phone as a scanner.  Here’s imagemore about how digital health tokens below, is works and I have tried it.  The Witings WiFi scale is also set up to use Microsoft Tags too.  The link below will also give you the article about the e-prescribing authentication model if you are in Health IT so you can see how that works. 

Digital Health Tokens – Connect Google Health to HealthJibe – RAZCODE With Microsoft Tags

Check out your next box of Wheaties and look for the Tag or in TV Guide to see what they look like.  You can go to the grocery store and practice too.  BD 

Here's something new...a non-profit charitable organization making use of a 2D barcode. The American Cancer Society is currently promoting its Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, and the billboards used in the campaign display a QR code which, when scanned, resolves to a page that provides addition event information.

American Cancer Society uses QR Code | 2D Barcode Strategy


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