That’s right, nothing happens without those algos, (aka algorithms) as this process imageof infrastructure and querying will be necessary for all to be able to purchase and gain larger buying power coupled with saving money.  Look at the #1 purpose of the grants, hands down, it’s technology to create business models and algorithms.

When you see pictures of Congress or State Legislatures with members sitting with reams of paper in front of them, don’t be fooled it doesn’t happen that way any more with paper.  We talk about electronic medical records and their evolution so stop imageand think that business models are not on paper any more either, and for that matter our laws shouldn’t have to go back methodologies of the 70s either. 

“Assessing current information technology systems and infrastructure and determining new requirements”

In California we are blessed with a governor that knows this and has been hammering away at it for a while.  Information week did a nice article about his persistence and where California is going, Healthcare and the rest of the state.  He signed the bill mandating sweeping changes to the state's ailing IT operations.

Schwarzenegger Codifies California IT Reform

You won’t get insurance exchanges without infrastructure and those algorithms, so pay attention to the literacy today with candidates too running for office as if they don’t get this part of it today, they are lost and seem to create more OMG stories in the news.  As a matter of fact, back in May the folks in state government in California collaborated to set up their own CIO portal to where they can share and work together on common goals, outstanding and what a novel idea, sharing <grin>. 

California Serious About Infrastructure Updates - Creates Portal for State's 10,000 IT Workers

In essence your healthcare of the future and today depends a lot on how well your little or big in some cases, body fits into a data table and what algorithms for approval it can pass and stay within what the insurers feel they can spend on your before they face taking a loss on you and your health.  I know this sounds cold and I think so too, but it’s what we have developed today and at times leads to a lot of unjust criticism and fudging of numbers too at times.  We all need accurate data and not those studies that rather indicate someone’s “desired” results, and Wall Street can talk more about “desired” results if we look back over the last couple of years.  We have to know the difference. 

This is actually a hot topic today and there’s enough of this going on to have a book written to help bring about this awareness of how you really can’t believe everything you read today as sometimes marketing influences the creation of “desired” results with some algorithms.

“Proofiness–The Dark Side of Mathematical Deception”–Created by Those Algorithms–New Book Coming Out Soon

I used to create algorithms and it is not more effort to create one kind or the other but rather it’s directed in orders given usually by management or others in a company to the programmers to create the actions that will do what they want, so again we just need the right kind here with accurate results that don’t get mixed up with those “desired” results as they may not always be one in the same.  BD 

WASHINGTON – The Department of Health and Human Services has awarded nearly $49 million to help 48 states and the District of Columbia plan for health insurance exchanges, including assessing existing information technology systems and infrastructure.

The health insurance exchanges – competitive, consumer-centered private health insurance marketplaces – are called for in the Affordable Care Act. They are aimed at giving individuals and small businesses greater control and more choices.

HHS awards states $49M for insurance exchange planning | Healthcare IT News


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