She talks about the GOP Pledge and the pdf format that was used for the original presentation.  We all deal with pdf documents all the time and she of course brings imagesomething forward we all probably use, “right click’ properties.  The properties show the some of the folks who created input here to include AIG, Pfizer, some oil companies and others so it appears they all had input and this is the Republican pledge that came from a staffer who was formerly a big time lobbyist.  Do lobbyists have influence, sort of looks that way when the properties of his document show the sources here. 

This is one more example of the folks living in the 70s and not up to date with what is happening in current times.  We have a good example of what I call the “non participants” with technology, basic understandings.  This is the world of transparency and open data folks and it’s good to know how your document creation can be tracked back to origins. 

It doesn’t matter much what you say today if you don’t have the appropriate algorithms in place to back you up, read it every day in the news with the OMG stories.  I wrote my own analogy about some of this and flat out we have imagelawmakers trying to create laws that govern technology that they have no clue on how it works, dangerous.  I see this rhetoric of going back to the 70s and I guess it appears to be a time when folks seem to find a subject they feel qualified to talk about, best I can figure.  In another video you can listen to Rachel talk about the GOP talk about those wanting to privatize Medicare, Social Security and the VA.  This one will get your blood pumping.

Cheap Soap Opera Political Antics Again With Newt Gingrich Suggesting to Force Kathleen Sebelius out of HHS And Other Extra Ordinary Tales of Non Participating Illiterates

Wendell Potter knows algorithms and is trying to help and give some inside information on how this all works after years in the business, but we focus on a mosque in New York instead.  Big business loves this distraction as they use their elevated intelligence to keep moving their algorithmic plans for profits forward. 

Wendell Potter Tell All Book–Deadly Spin–One to Put On My List as “He Knows Algorithms and How they Create Profits”

There’s a lot of talk about improving health literacy, well first of all all members of Congress and other leaders should expand their own.  Last year at the stimulus testimonies I watched the Senate Finance committee listen to Kaiser and Microsoft and none of them had one clue on what a PHR (personal health record) is, rest my case and it’s back to we can be fat, ignorant, but the American public has to be up to date and literate, big fat role models that are short changed in the technology department and have to guess at how laws might work with some of this. 

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How important are the algorithms and computer code we use for decision making processes, check out what happened at Goldman, they had cows and were on a huge hunt here.  This is highly sophisticated technology and not a pdf document that Rachel discusses that we all use in business today.

Somebody Stole Goldman’s Algorithms – Code that Makes Their Money Just Like Health Insurers Use

All you are going to get from insurers are more algorithms that create profit and the lobbyist appear to be there in number even to helping produce the “pledge” for what their profit interests represent. 

Health Care Insurers Suggest Algorithms and Business Intelligence solutions to provide health insurance solution

I talk about backing up with your say with technology and algorithms to support, but in this effort here some are having problems with even the simplest forms of documentation and keeping things straight, a pdf.  I don’t feel comfortable with folk so far out of reality here and low levels of participation to make decisions.  Sad this is the reality of the soap operas and scary antics we see today.  It’s no longer a dog and pony show, it’s a technology and ethics show for those who have not figured this out.  BD



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