Today we get to recognize and look at some other good things going in the State of Arizona beside the web chatter about their governor, something that can make a imagedifference and save lives.  One of the dream teams from Stand up to Cancer is located in Phoenix, TGEN who are working on and studying pancreatic cancer, which is big target as it is one of the most ruthless forms of cancer and by the time it is detected there’s not a whole lot of hope presently, so this is huge. 

Stand Up to Cancer Grants Go to 2 Arizona Doctors and Their Teams to Turn Science Into Cures for Cancer

There’s also the addition of molecular profiling in action as I posted back in April of 2009 to help identify specific cancer treatments for those afflicted and making access possible.  image

Personalized medicine a Success for Cancer Patients – Clinical Trials

Arizona State was definitely shopping at the “smart store” when they were able to secure the service of Harvard Medical Scientist Joshua LaBaer to work with TGEN as well.  The Clinical Trials program from Quintiles has also be incorporated with a big name you might know here in California, Kaiser Permanente.  This appears to be one big step in making access for drugs in trials available for more patients in Arizona.  BD 

PHOENIX, Sept. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Arizona's contribution to the accelerated development of new, safe and effective medicines to help treat suffering patients in the US and around the world, will become greater following the signing of new deal between Arizona State University and Quintiles (, a global integrated biopharmaceutical services company which is a leader in managing clinical research.

The Center for Healthcare Innovation & Clinical Trials ( ASU – part of the College of Nursing & Health Innovation – is only the fifth organization in the world to become a global prime site partner for Quintiles.

Drug Development in Arizona Gets Boost Following ASU-Quintiles Agreement -- PHOENIX, Sept. 17 /PRNewswire/ --


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