If Heritage does not place a bid, then Prime Healthcare would move in as the new owner as by law the process has to be open for bidding.  Prime bid last year unsuccessfully for the 4 hospital chain IHHI in Orange County, CA which returned to the original owner who was run out a few years ago.image

IHHI Hospital Bids Continue for the Mortgage –Prem Reddy at 57M and Kali Chaudhuri at 55M

I live in an area where 2 of Prime hospitals are located and compared to the busy days before acquisition, they are like ghost towns and you can roll bowling balls through the once crowded parking lots, but they do run first class emergency rooms as Prime does not sign contracts with any insurers, thus the customary and ordinary fees he files on record are charged.  BD

San Fernando Valley-based Heritage Provider Network is expected to bid on the hospital, an attorney for Prime Healthcare Services and the Prime Healthcare Services Foundation said Wednesday. Prime was expected to acquire Victor Valley Community Hospital under the bankruptcy plan but by law the medical facility is subject to an open bidding process.

Mike Sarrao, an attorney for Prime Healthcare, said by phone from federal court in Riverside that Heritage has at expressed an interest in the 101-bed medical facility. Sarrao was in court for the hospital’s first bankruptcy reorganization hearing.

Heritage may bid for Victor Valley hospital | victorville, bid, heritage - Local News - Victorville Daily Press


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