The commercial is funny and the company is working to try to get the ads run during imageadditional hours on the the networks.  Times are certainly changing as years ago who would have thought stores for medical weed would exist too. 

Right now you need to purchase from the website but the company expects to have them on the shelves of major drug stores after the first of the year.  I guess I can expect to see this commercial following the one that KY Jelly has on every night after 11:30 during Jimmy Kimmels’ show.  BD

TROJAN, the condom brand, has had its share of run-ins with censors, most notably in 2007, when both Fox and CBS rejected a commercial with a safe-sex message that featured anthropomorphized pigs. Now Trojan is introducing a vibrator called Tri-Phoria, and it says a new commercial is actually drawing less resistance than it had expected.

Advertising - Trojan Makes Concessions to Place a Suggestive Ad -


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