In August the California Telehealth Network was announced by our governor and image[23]was also attended by Aneesh Chopra from the Executive Branch.  What’s nice is that Governor Arnold uses a technology to announce these events too so if I am working in the office I can tune in.  You can use the link below to watch a couple videos of the event that used Twitter to announce them.  Mentioned here in the kick off is UCI Irvine who also works with Miller’s Children’s Hospital in Long Beach where I did an interview and walk through with the CFO and was able to see the educational side of being able to connect the operating rooms in Long Beach to those in Irvine, CA

Nation’s Largest Telehealth Network Launches-California Telehealth Network With Governor Schwarzenegger & Aneesh Chopra

This new funding is in addition to the $30 Million given by the FCC and the California Emerging Technology Fund and the California PUC. BD

The participating organizations are: The National Coalition for Health Integration, United HealthCare, the California HealthCare Foundation and the University of California.

The grant award, announced Sept. 13 by U.S. Commerce Secretary imageGary Locke, will fund telehealth and eHealth equipment and training for healthcare providers implementing broadband-based technologies designed to improve care and expand access to services.

The new funding, part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act's Broadband Technology Opportunities Program, follows $30 million from the Federal Communications Commission, the California Emerging Technology Fund and the California Public Utilities Commission to build and connect the network.

California's new telehealth network gets $14M boost | Healthcare IT News


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