This is a nice walk through that talks about what happens at the FDA and how they are looking into safety compliance when approving medical devices and some of the imagepresent day processes.  The FDA would do well to use Twitter and feature some of the information they put put too.  I noticed just a very small showing at their YouTube site.  We get over marketed today, but these folks are at the opposite end

In this video they explain how they are not only working with other government agencies but also with outside networks which is called the MDEpiNet program.  With all the areas the FDA touches they do stand to be the most connected agency out there today with a lot of responsibility.  BD

FDA and FCC To Partner on Telehealth Innovation and Implementation – FDA Stands to Become One of the “Most Connected” Federal Agencies

One of the examples used here is a hot topic, hip replacements and they will collect information from academic facilities to combine with the information on hand at the FDA for better decision making processes.  BD



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