This is going to be a big mess as the company wants their old parts back and surgery is the only way that will happen, and perhaps studying some of the failed units too may offer some new information for future designs?  That was just a imageguess on my part. 

DePuy (part of Johnson and Johnson) has offered to make good on some of the surgical replacements, etc. but I’m sure each case is evaluated on it’s own. 

DePuy (Johnson and Johnson) Issues Recalls Hip Replacement Systems And Commits To Working with Related Costimage

If you need further information and a free consultation you can find more here.

There’s also another page with the history of the recall from the law firm.

I do have to say one thing they got their website together and integrated quickly and there’s a quick click to either the state or city where you reside to the find an attorney and of course there’s money to be made from their standpoints too. 

Maybe they will have better luck with the knees made in the UK from Finsbury Orthopedics which they purchased back in March.  BD

Johnson and Johnson Company, DePuy Orthopedics Acquires Finsbury Orthopaedics from the UK

The Onder Law Firm, attorneys handling DePuy hip replacement lawsuits, have launched a new website dedicated to providing information about the DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. ASR XL Acetabular Hip Replacement and ASR Hip Resurfacing Systems recall that took place on August 26, 2010. Since that time the firm has been inundated with questions from concerned him implant recipients. The website offers information about which hip replacement systems have been recalled and what years they would likely have been implanted as well as answers to frequently asked hip recall questions.

The Onder Law firm has teamed with the DePuy hip recall lawyers at Heninger Garrison Davis, LLC to provide the most attentive and localized hip recall lawsuit case reviews to those persons who have experienced problems after being fitted with a DePuy hip replacement system. Heninger Garrison Davis has a history of handling hip replacement device products liability litigation, working on claims in the Sulzer Hip Implant and Zimmer Durom Hip lawsuits.

Attorneys Launch DePuy Hip Recall Information Website


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