The letter of announcement from Bill Weldon is shown below.  We keep seeing imagemany top executives from all areas of healthcare and government following this process.  It’s complicated out there today and technology is running a muck on those who may not be up to date as the decision making processes depend on the information we receive from our computer screens. 

Johnson and Johnson McNeil Healthcare Group Recalls Children’s Over the Counter Liquid Medications

With the recent recalls and consumer product issues from the various areas of Johnson and Johnson, I guess it’s time for a new face at the top of the helm.  With retooling the factories and closing one, the consumer group has had their share of imagebeing under the public spotlight for sure. 

Johnson and Johnson (McNeil) Lays Off 300 Employees and Will Re-Tool the Tylenol Factory

Perhaps new leadership might entertain a better recall system too and get the FDA and DEA in on this too for a pilot program….hint…hint…

This news may not be too shocking as it has gone on for years that heads eventually roll when things are not going right with big corporations so here’s one.  BD 

Microsoft Tags on CBS Early Show – Wake Up FDA, Pharma and Medical Device Companies –Scan Those Drugs, Medical Devices and Synchronize with an FDA Tag Data Base – Recalls, Theft Tracking and More….

“After a long, successful and distinguished career, spanning almost 30 years, Colleen Goggins, Worldwide Chairman, Consumer Group has decided to retire effective March 1, 2011.   Colleen and I will work to ensure a smooth and successful transition of her responsibilities.  We will make a timely announcement of succession plans for this critical position for the Company.

Colleen joined Johnson & Johnson in 1981, working in various assignments of increasing responsibility.  She became President of Johnson & Johnson Canada in 1992; President, Personal Products Company, U.S. in 1994; and President, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies Inc. in 1995.  She was promoted to Company Group Chairman in 1998.  Colleen assumed her current position as a member of the Executive Committee in June 2001 and has overseen a remarkable period of growth, expansion and profitability in the Consumer Group. 

Throughout her tenure, Colleen has demonstrated our commitment to our consumers and our people, and has made major contributions to our success.  Please join me in thanking Colleen for her dedication and extraordinary service, and in wishing her all the best in the years to come.”

Bill Weldon

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer”


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