This is a new one for me but new medical records folks pop up all the time.  I looked imageand saw a street address, but the big thing, nothing on where your records are stored.  We all know what Care Tracker EHR is from Ingenix but “powered” seems to indicate the records are stored……hmmmmm…..where?  ClickFreeMD “represents” Ingenix Care Tracker, so record server where might you be?

Here’s some information from the website area where the a pdf links:

“ClickFreeMD is a leading provider of internet based software and business services for physician practices. ClickFreeMD represents Ingenix
CareTracker software and uses it to power its medical billing, practice management and EHR services. Since 1996 Ingenix has been a leader
in health care data, analysis and solutions with more than 200,000 physicians and providers, 1,500 payers, and 100 FORTUNE 500®
companies relying on their software, services, and expertise. ClickFreeMD is headquartered in Ridgewood, NJ, with an office in Chevy Chase,
MD. For more information, please visit or call (888).548.4150”image

I did a search and came up with more press release copies and the home page, and I looked there to find out more and again a lot about what Ingenix Care Tracker does but little about ClickFree MD by comparison.

I’m a different of hybrid person with both coding and marketing in my background and this seems to have the look of some fancy marketing here, my opinion and I may not be correct, but it sure looks like it with what I am seeing here.  A few weeks ago we had the announcement of a new marketing strategy department so I am just pondering if this is maybe part of that effort? 

Ingenix Consulting Adds New Consulting Gig–Strategic Technology Solutions–Focus on Health IT Executives On How to Invest and Implement Algorithmic Performance Strategies

They also have this subsidiary that bought a company in China that works with regulatory agencies for approval and distribution of devices and drugs a couple months ago.  You can read between some lines here if you like. 

UnitedHealth subsidiary (Ingenix Subsidiary I3) Acquires imageChinaGate – Working to Sell Chinese Products Globally

Data is being integrated today and new algorithms are showing up daily with everyone trying to build the better mouse with data systems being aggregated and integrated like we have never seen before and companies that in the past you would not have even given any thought of any strategic alliances, private equity folks are doing the same all over the place.  I call this type of reading “subsidiary watch”. 

Nobody buys a company today without digging into the value of their data, it is what it is.  If they can plug in some algorithms and make a buck at it, they do it and much of this runs behind the scenes and moves along while we are in emotional turmoil over the mosque in New York, strategists love this distraction so they can lay low and keep working the data. 

I tell everyone whether it is a PHR or an EHR to find out where you data is and who has access.  Who knows maybe the AMA has the data on their servers here as there’s no other information shown.   Many places that used to be heavy on support don’t seem to be that way today and are turning into just one more software house. 

I see better opportunities than this out there and would rather do business with imagehaving everything up front and the way this whole site and the information's presented does not make me feel comfortable at all and again it somewhat reeks of some new marketing models someone is trying out to see if folks bite.  This could be where that new coding company software fits in too?

Ingenix (Wholly Owned Technology Subsidiary of UnitedHealth to Acquire A-Life Coding Software/Services–Tons of Money and Profit With Coding Transactions and Algorithms - Subsidiary Watch

We are focused here on the billing, transactions where all the big bucks are made when software systems feed each other with layers and the new cha chings add up.    I am starting to see this new corporate title creep up a lot today, the Chief Growth Officer, interesting name for marketing. 

This also could allow for the solicitation of more data to mine to create anonymous name study information to substantiate what will be paid for in the way of certain medications and procedures too, Ingenix mines and does data as a business model.  We had something along those lines with the Oncologists earlier this year where they cranked their data and sent out letters as it all goes into the big United pocket book in the long run with dividends and investor reports and earlier this year too come to think of it they decided to pay dividends more frequently too and the board said no caps on executive pay.  BD 

ClickFreeMD today launched the Nation's first unlimited use, medical billing, practice management and electronic health records solution that works together and includes all services, software and support for a low monthly flat fee. The quickest and easiest way for busy group practices to six figure savings, Federal HITECH Act incentives and getting paid more, faster. Physicians can see their flat fee and savings calculated in just seconds at

ClickFreeMD Saves Medical Practices Six Figures with First All-Inclusive, Unlimited Use, Flat Fee Medical Billing, Practice Management and EHR Solution


  1. ClickFreeMD is a game changing independent third party outsource medical billing provider whose services, software and support are akin to Athena Health, a one stop shop, except that it uses Ingenix CareTracker software for the Practice Management and EHR services it provides and offers a dramatically different value proposition; free-to-start, low monthly flat fee for its all-inclusive PM, EHR and medical billing software, services and support as well as, a price and performance guarantee. Records are stored, hosted and accessed via the Ingenix CareTracker system.

  2. It seems with the rising costs of healthcare in the United States that more people would be implementing these solutions to help with medical billing, medical records, and practice management. More and more people will begin to demand access to their medical history online.


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