T-Mobile stated that EZ Texting was not following procedures on WeedMaps.com as well as other regulations in their agreement.  This sounds like an issue for the FCC to look at. 


The website is a community where patients connect with other patients in their areas to discuss and review local cannabis stores, doctors, etc.  There’s social image[8]networking for everything else, why not weed?    It looks like the IPhone app is still alive and well.  BD

New iPhone Application – Locate the nearest Cannibus Store – Medical Marijuana

T-Mobile is being sued for blocking text messages dealing with medical marijuana from a company that sends out group messages for all kinds of businesses, including the marijuana website.

New York-based EZ Texting recently filed suit in U.S. District Court against T-Mobile, alleging on Sept. 10 the carrier started blocking all messages by the company's clients because T-Mobile "did not approve" of text messages sent by one of those clients, LegalMarijuanaDispensary.com, using EZ Texting's services.

EZ Texting, in the lawsuit, said it is being "irreparably damaged in its business because of the blocking by T-Mobile....The thousands of EZ Texting's customers — which include both for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations — that rely on EZ Texting's short code (which is akin to a telephone number for text messages) cannot be reached by T-Mobile's cell phone users, nor can those businesses and non-profits reach T-Mobile's cell phone users."

Technolog - T-Mobile sued for blocking medical marijuana text messages


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