This is good and why the word “algorithm” holds center stage here at the Medical Quack, they are everywhere in influence our decisions and in healthcare too, big imagetime, wake up call again folks.  “Humans just aren’t very good”, funny but the undertone of what we are hearing today. 

This is funny as Colbert asks Mr. Schmidt as to when this “algorithm will become self aware and turn on it’s masters”…well in healthcare we are getting pretty close with ethics being something of the past unfortunately.  See what you read in the news, where’s the ethics?  Non participants who make laws can’t help us there as they don’t get it.  Colbert gets right to the point on the algorithms and data mining.

Mr. Schmidt does confirm what I have said for years, “what goes on the internet, stays on the internet”.  How long Colbert asks how low will your stock have to go before “you go evil”…give that some thought…it’s happening….BD

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Eric Schmidt
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Stephen Colbert grilled Google CEO Eric Schmidt about the company's "don't be evil" slogan, Schmidt's theory that people should change their names (a joke!), and Google's data mining operations. Enjoy!

Stephen Colbert Grills Eric Schmidt On "Don't Be Evil"


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