The device used here looks like the Cytori machine that I have covered before here imagethat cleans and harvests stem cells.

GE Healthcare to Commercialize Cytori Therapeutics Stem Cell Technology – Regenerative Medicine

Her quality of life has improved and there’s no problem with rejection since it is her imageown cells and she is back to walking again.  This is amazing.  Her cells were re-injected at the surgery site to help her heal.  In a related story from TED at Long Beach, this doctor has created a device to also making harvesting bone marrow easier.  BD

The Marrow Miner – A Better Way to Harvest Bone Marrow

BELLAIRE, Texas - A Houston-area hospital is using an innovative way to help patients heal quickly -- by using their own stem cells. A local patient cannot believe how quickly it helped her get over her pain and heal faster than ever. She says it is all thanks to surgeons at Foundation Surgical Hospital.

Healing Surgery with Patient's Own Stem Cells


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