This is just the first step in this path for this type of research as this could lead to better methodologies to treat spinal cord injuries and a lot more. 

We always think of fiber optics as a fast connection for our internet and web services but it may reach the point someday to where it comes to live with us internally too.  Just think if it can increase the speed for the web, what it could do for prosthetics with faster communications from the brain to the device and a whole new panel at the FDA might be required once this technology starts making its availability in healthcare.  BD


The Department of Defense and Southern Methodist University have teamed up to develop prosthetics that use two-way fiber optic communication between artificial limbs and peripheral nerves to essentially give these devices the ability to feel pressure or temperature. The technology is called neurophotonics, and it will someday allow hi-speed communication between the brain and artificial limbs.

SMU and DARPA develop fiber optics for the human nervous system – Engadget


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