Everyone knows who is a participant with Google Ads that they do list rules and regulations that all need to abide by and this is a good warning to basically let some of those on line pharmacies know they are watching and looking at what is running the gambit.  image

The civil lawsuit has been filed and as they locate and find additional advertisers they deem to be non legit, more will be added t the lawsuit.  BD 

Google is doing its part to help rid the web of scammy ads for illegitimate pharmacies.

On its official blog, Google  says that it has filed a civil lawsuit against advertisers it believes has deliberately broken its rules in regards to obtaining prescription medication. Scores of online pharmacies have set up shop and offer to illegally sell prescription medication over the Internet.

Google has had policies in place to prevent these companies from advertising on Google, but ad buyers still manage to get ads through the system anyway.

Google Sues Illegal Prescription Drug Pushers


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