More new trending with predictive behavior software in the news today with imageutilizing software to predict from one’s behavior whether or not you may be a good candidate for a nursing job when applying.  Data analytics are once more on steroids and here’s the latest. When you look and see the client names listed, you are even profiled before you can flip burger at Burger King or serve doughnuts at Dunkin’ Donuts too, so the nurses are in fine company here with analytics <grin>.  I am guessing that there’s an entire separate algorithm for each type of position they are looking to fill.  Below is an image that shows a few of their clients from the website. 

imageOne of the case studies listed here is Express Scripts and they had a turnover problem according to the website and the algorithms of behavioral tracking and the analysis of before and after said this was the magic trick.  image

From the Website about Express Scripts:

“We implemented the PeopleAnswers software tool to help us select candidates that are more likely to excel in a call center environment. Our Patient Care Advocates deal with urgent needs regarding patients’ prescriptions, so the work is very detail-oriented. The significant impact that PeopleAnswers has on our turnover allows us to recruit, hire, and train fewer people and focus our energies on maintaining our high standards for customer service.”

PeopleAnswers developed custom Performance Profiles™ (a collection of behavioral traits that contributes most strongly and consistently to high employee performance) to help hire top performers for the call center role of Patient Care Advocate.

Performance Profiles were created by correlating behavioral preferences from current Express Scripts employees in the call centers with individual employee performance data. This data was then analyzed to objectively identify the traits that are both consistent and unique to the top performers in the call centers.”


Somewhat of a bottom line here is that this and many other case studies just plain out say we are not smart enough to hire the right folks anymore and an algorithm will cut your costs, so if you are looking for a job at Express Scripts or any of their other clients, like Tenet here, the human resources department runs on behavioral algorithms to save money.  No more can you have that “good feeling” about a prospective employee, the algorithm has to do the work for you as a bad guess today from human resources has been analyzed the the data says the algorithm can do a better job.  I find this kind of disappointing and pretty cold in my opinion as it tends to tell us we are dumb in a lot of ways and we now lack the ability to use our own brain to make an analysis of such nature.  image

From the case study, if you are in healthcare and need assistance, you can also now be assured the folks helping you out at Express Scripts and have passed the algorithm formulas. I’m still not an absolute believer in all of this stuff myself and recommend reading a book like the one mentioned below.  There might be something to all of this but many algorithms are meant to sell too and put profits on the bottom line, so it gets confusing to determine what is real and what is marketing at times. 

“Proofiness–The Dark Side of Mathematical Deception”–Created by Those Algorithms–New Book Coming Out Soon

I like to write about information like this so consumes are aware of the algorithmic formulas running in the background to predict and analyze them as this is rampant today and we even have individuals just absolutely addicted to the processes and furthermore it sells and creates profits.  So even if the person interviewing you for the job has a good feeling and wants to hire you…..well…if the algorithms says no, then what?  BD

DALLAS--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Tenet Healthcare Corporation (NYSE: THC) and PeopleAnswers today announced a new agreement that expands Tenet’s use of PeopleAnswers’ talent assessment software to all corporate, administrative and leadership positions across all 49 hospitals and 57 surgery and diagnostic imaging centers that it owns or operates in the United States.

Gage and Goncalves will co-present Tenet Healthcare Uses New Assessments to Reduce Nursing Turnover at Human Resource Executive’s HR Technology Conference & Exposition on Thursday, September 30 from 1:45-3 p.m. CDT in Chicago, Ill. To learn more about the conference, visit

Tenet Healthcare Deploys PeopleAnswers to Combat Nurse Shortage and Improve Hiring Decisions Across All Hospitals | EON: Enhanced Online News


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