GE has been working on this for a while.  I first started talking about Smart Rooms here back in 2008.  Technology will track things like facial recognition, using an algorithm and track when the patient is in and out of the bed.  Of course this means lots of RFID at work with computer vision algorithms.  The facial recognition is interesting as it sends out alerts if you have a perhaps not so pleasant look on your face too, so if you cry here comes someone to check on you. <grin>.

The Hospital "Smart Room"image

Another one of the features is hygiene compliance, washing hands and there’s been a couple of posts around here that talk about automated systems.  Cerner has a smart room developing too.  You can read a bit more at the link below and watch a video.

Cerner Receives FDA Clearance for CareAware iBus to Connect Devices and EHR Systems

Here’s a video from the GE Website that shows how this will work with a nice big white screen above the patient bed.  BD

GE Healthcare has received the go-ahead from the Institutional Review Board at Bassett Medical Center, in Cooperstown, N.Y., to begin testing its Smart Patient Room health-monitoring technology at the facility. 

Part of GE's Healthymagination initiative, the Smart Patient Room can determine whether soap and sanitizer dispensers are used by medical personnel before and after seeing a patient.

According to Scott Gallagher, a senior consultant for GE Healthcare, RFID sensors are installed in dispensers for soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizers to determine when medical personnel are using them and following hygiene protocol.

The technology was developed at GE's Global Research Center in Niskayuna, N.Y., and will be tested at the Bassett Medical Center inpatient teaching facility. The pilot project marks GE's first implementation of the Smart Patient Room in a clinical environment, according to Gallagher.

GE Tests Smart Patient Room to Monitor Patient Safety, Cut Medical Errors - Health Care IT from eWeek


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